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Yes, These are just our everyday roads.

Many people who have ridden Tasmania cant believe just how good these roads are.

Every day of this event is sprinkled with awesome corners, straights and scenery that makes you stop and grab a picture and an experience that you will never forget .

The Road category was invented to cater to riders who had participated in the dirt event in previous years, but have simply gotten too old, too fat and lazy to handle the rigors of the dirt ride, but still want to go along. Others have kids now doing the dirt ride and wish to know they are going ok, that’s why our fuel and food stops are all converged right the way across the Island.

The road section caters to all types of Road bikes, you can even bring a pillion passenger (great ‘’TWO UP ‘’ deals on offer) even do it on a postie bike if you choose.

Stopping at attractions and points of interest along the way, its not just all day on the bike.

We try to keep it to two hour blocks so as to avoid fatigue and keep any risks minimised as much as possible whilst getting the best value crossing Tasmania . Extended round trip tours can be arranged in conjunction with Tasmanian Motorcycle Tours

You can even hire bikes through Tasmanian Motorcycle tours and get a real good look on their Royal Enfields.

Day 1 begins in Launceston and weaves its way through the North East ending in Bridport

Day two offers a few options, based on your requirements, and ends in Gowrie Park where you meet up with all the other participants across all categories.

Day three winds through some of the best Motorcycle roads, ON EARTH… if you don’t love these roads, sell your bike and buy a push bike…  Cethana Wilmot some of the Central Coasts best back roads.

Staying in quality accommodation in Burnie, you choose what cuisine you wish, some all inclusive packages offer dining based on your option selections.

Day four is effectively a different world, Once you leave Burnie, you are treated to the Hellyer Gorge also known as the ‘’Hell Yeah’’ gorge due to the demanding but exciting nature of the road.

Heading on down into the Wild West, a number of attractions and stops along the way are offered to provide breaks and points of interest to add value to your experience.

Strahan, kick back, grab a drink, a feed and enjoy the evening until the crazy ONE competitors arrive.

Sign Up today or contact us for details… It’s the best Road Ride Ever

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For insurance purposes, only members of AMA can register to participate in St Helens to Strahan.