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…Its only one day.

But its a long day. Approximately 18 hours SOLID. Only stopping for fuel and food. For at minimum A grade or expert enduro riders. Push yourself to your mental and physical limits. A serious bucket list event for elite riders.

The One Day challenge was born in a similar fashion to the main dirt bike event , just a silly comment.

After viewing the GPS data for the (formerly) three day ride, it was established the ride was 22 hours total  riding..

The comment, after the consumption of a few drinks was ‘’ geez, you could do it in a day ‘’

Many years later a $1000 reward was offered for someone who could .

 Mark Brown took up the challenge and put together a formidable team consisting of Himself Izzy Rob, Rob and ever reliable farmer George .

No stone was left unturned in making this work, including timed trial runs doing half the course at a time, serious preparation and then the surprise addition of two HONDA CRF 450Ls kindly supplied by MOTORCYCLE CITY . These bikes proved their worthiness, delivered Rob and George to Strahan with ease. We cannot thank Greg and Jason from MOTORCYCLE CITY enough for their support over the years.

The day came, The boys set off from St Helens at 4 am and pulled into Strahan at 9:55 pm that night to rousing applause from the other participants from the four day even already in and partially charged.

An amazing 17:55 minutes solid.

This event is only for EXPERT or at MINIMUM A Grade riders.

We offer a range of options from a fully supported ride, to a minimal coordination assistance package to help you reduce costs.

You need to plan well in advance as this isn’t to be treated lightly, many hours in the dark need to be considered and all weather needs to be prepared for.

If you are serious, ( and slightly mad) get in touch and Mark (Skid) will step you through what you need to do to prepare for the challenge.

There is no other challenge like this anywhere, and the future plan is to make it a competitive event by 2022, comprising of sixteen competitive stages.

Be a part of history, inquire today.

The Best ONE DAY Ride Ever

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For insurance purposes, only members of AMA can register to participate in St Helens to Strahan.